<br> <p dir=ltr><b id=docs-internal-guid-fc9338ba-7fff-2a80-421e-6d9ba48ff60d>Customers cannot use credit cards sponsored by the other three major networks — American Express, Mastercard, and Discover — at Costco warehouses because the company has an exclusive relationship with Visa. Costco.com and the Costco app, on the other hand, accept Mastercard and Discover cards for payment.below is answer to question <a href="http://www.accountiod.com/what-credit-cards-does-costco-accept/">what cards does costco take</a>.</b></p> &#160; <p dir=ltr><b id=docs-internal-guid-fc9338ba-7fff-2a80-421e-6d9ba48ff60d>Here are a few cards that may be redeemed online or through the Costco app:</b></p> <p dir=ltr><b id=docs-internal-guid-fc9338ba-7fff-2a80-421e-6d9ba48ff60d>Freedom FlexSM by Chase</b></p> <p dir=ltr><b id=docs-internal-guid-fc9338ba-7fff-2a80-421e-6d9ba48ff60d>Citi Card with Double Cash</b></p> <p dir=ltr><b id=docs-internal-guid-fc9338ba-7fff-2a80-421e-6d9ba48ff60d>Cash Back with Discover it</b></p> <p dir=ltr><b id=docs-internal-guid-fc9338ba-7fff-2a80-421e-6d9ba48ff60d>Chrome Discover it</b></p>