With kids, play My Pretend Grocery Store on PC.
Would you like your kids to learn how to go food shopping on their own? But why wait for that moment when you can let them feel it now by playing "My Pretend Grocery Store"? They will learn about the different ways to go food shopping in this fun game! For example, taking care of their pushcart and putting different things on the tables.

Even cooler about this grocery store game is that it lets your child experience how a real grocery store works. Getting things from the fridge, shelves, and other places are examples. They will also hear the well-known price scanner. Besides that, they will learn how to keep putting items on the belt that goes around the cash register.

A fun way to go grocery shopping
In addition to the normal features, your child can also look into the food game in more depth. They can tap on things like the doors, lights, fans, and more. They can also try new things, add more figures to the food store, and play the fake game. This game gives you and your child a lot of fun things to do. So let them pick up things like flowers, ice cream, cookies, fruits, veggies, and more. My fake Grocery Store is a great role-playing or fake game for you and your child. This game has more than just the grocery store game. The mini-games inside the game are sure to make it more fun for your kids.

Fun Things About My Pretend Grocery Store
something fun and interesting to learn from
Try out the normal things that a food store does.
There are lots of fun things you can do at the shopping store.
Play the fun little games.
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