can't turn on Avast firewall windows 10 ? For downloading Avast from the start, you can try these steps and make sure that you uninstall Avast from your system.

  • Save the Avast Clear download to your desktop.

  • Here you can download the most recent Avast version.

  • In safe mode, launch Windows. (On the majority of PCs, the Shift+F8 key is typically used. While rebooting, continue to hold both buttons down at once.

  • Go to your desktop and launch the AvastClear.exe file.

  • Find the folder where Avast is located. Program Files is normally located in the C: drive.

  • Select Remove. (Take care to locate the folder correctly because doing otherwise will fully delete it.)

  • Your computer needs to restart.

  • Install the most recent version of Avast that you downloaded earlier.

  • Avast should reactivate after a reboot.