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Determining if someone has removed you on Snapchat can be a subtle process, as the platform doesn't explicitly notify users when they are unfriended. how to tell if someone unadded you on snapchat? However, there are a few indicators to consider:

Chat Availability: If you notice that you can no longer send snaps or messages to the person, it's possible that they have removed you. Conversely, if you could previously communicate, but suddenly can't, it may be an indication.

Score and Bitmoji: If the person's Snapchat score (a number associated with their activity) and Bitmoji are still visible to you, it's likely that they haven't removed you. However, if these details are no longer visible, it could suggest that you've been removed.

Stories and Discover Content: If the person's Stories and Discover content are no longer visible to you, it might indicate that you've been removed. Keep in mind that privacy settings and customized sharing can also affect this.

Search for their Username: If you can't find the person when you search for their username, they may have removed you or changed their privacy settings.

Remember that changes in privacy settings can also influence these signals. Snapchat's design prioritizes user privacy, so it's often not as overt as other social media platforms in notifying users about removals. If in doubt, communication is key – reaching out to the person directly can provide clarity.

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Check their chat availability if it is available then you are added but if it is removed then you can understand that you are removed from their friends list.

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