Realistic Appearance: Real dolls are often designed to look very realistic, including facial expressions, body contours, skin color and body details. Manufacturers often strive to make them look as close to the real human body as possible using silicone materials. (both in look and feel)

Variety of Materials: Real life dolls are manufactured from a variety of materials, including silicone, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), and soft plastics. These materials are designed to provide a texture similar to the feel of human skin. Nowadays, the market is more cost-effective TPE body + silicone head, such as tifa sexdoll

Movable joints: Some advanced life-size dolls may have movable joints that allow them to swing their heads, arms, and legs for added interactivity and realism.

Custom Designs: Some manufacturers offer custom designs that allow customers to choose physical features, hairstyles, eye colors, etc. to make the doll more personal.

Heating systems: Some life-size dolls are equipped with heating systems to make them feel warmer and increase the comfort of the user.

Accessories and Costumes: milf sex dolldolls are often paired with different costumes and accessories to increase their personalization and customizability.