• How to reinstall the Brother printer if the driver is unavailable?

    Follow these steps if you want to reinstall the Brother printer if you are facing the printer driver unavailable error:-

    1. First visit the Control Panel and click on the Devices and Printers option.

    2. Then right click on your Brother printer and then select the Remove Device option.

    3. Then type devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box and then click on Uninstall device option of your Brother printer.

    4. Then disconnect your printer from the computer and then again take out their power supply.

    5. Then again turn on your printer and computer after 10 minutes and then reconnect your printer.

  • How are duplex printers better than simplex printers?

    Here are some points which shows that duplex printers are better than simplex printers:-
    1. Duplex printers contribute to more cost saving printing because all the materials that are used in printing are used in a way less quantity.
    2. Duplex printers take and process commands more quickly than the simplex printers because both sides are inked at the same time so it reduces time and effort.
    3. Duplex printers are easier to operate than simplex printers because in simplex printers, you have to manually flip the page after each print.
    If you don’t know what does duplex printing mean then you must visit our blog.