• The top 3 fishing games to help you have great entertainment

    Fishing is one of the entertainment games that many people love. Not only does it help you relieve stress, but this game is also suitable for many ages, helping you and your family members to play games together and bond emotionally. We will list the top 3 most popular tiny fishing games today, helping you have great entertainment after stressful hours of work and study!
    Fishing Duel Dash
    Fishing Duel Dash is a free, entertaining fishing game for two players online on PC. With simple gameplay, everyone can easily participate. Here, people just need to look at the arrow and click on the corresponding colored button. Be careful not to press the wrong color or when the arrow is red to avoid losing points.
    Ice Lakes
    Ice Lakes is the only PC fishing game that supports VR (virtual reality) mode, allowing players to easily interact with their surroundings. With a total of 32 species of fish living in the coldest area in the world, you will experience extremely exciting and new challenges. The game also has 21 maps, 18 game modes, and 18 different tournaments, helping everyone freely explore and participate in the most diverse matches.
    Euro Fishing
    Euro Fishing takes players to beautiful lakes or swamps in the West, with charming landscapes that help players fish while watching the sunrise or sunset. Not only that, the game also helps players practice to improve their ability to cast bait accurately by creating circles on the water surface and asking players to drop the bait correctly inside the circle.